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Younger generations in the northern part seem to be doing better but I'm speaking for what I've heard other people tell me. This was a number of decades ago and so things may have changed. Attitudes to gays - less negative in bigger cities.

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A recent article in the Italian Corriere della Sera January indicates that there is a high degree of homophobia throughout Italy. The article mistakenly concludes that there is more homophobia in big cities because homophobic tweets were concentrated there; that is incorrect as the concentration also corresponds to population density.

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I would suspect that if one is not well-educated or well-to-do, one is either stuck in a small town or seeks anonymity in a big city. So, many Italian gays are closeted, or, for those able, may seek expatriation to less homophobic places in Europe. My Italian friend was not typical. He was bisexual and half Hungarian and, a self-made man; he developed his business without much familial help, having moved from his native Puglia to the Veneto, his parents were poor and he worked to support himself and his studies from a young age.

He had a circle of gay male and female friends throughout northern Italy and I visited from Como to Perugia, from Torino to Trieste, from Ravenna to Pisa. They were all charming, outgoing and attractive in different ways. Years after I no longer saw my Italian friend He got married to a woman. Many gay Italians at that time expatriated if they wished to live openly as a gay couple France and the UK, principally. That being said, there is a much closer degree of physicality and friendship between Italian men than among Anglo-saxon men.

They hug, hold hands, go out in male-only company - whether gay or straight or in between. I think it depends on the city. Bigger cities are clearly more open-minded, and that means you can be open about your sexuality and the people who judge you will be frowned upon as omofobi and ignoranti. Having said so, the more you go to the countryside, the harder it gets. I do not agree with the differences between Northern and Southern Italy.

Apulia and Sicily have recently had both openly gay presidents, and even more than once, whilst the politicians of the Northern League a party that has a huge following especially in North-East Italy have expressed multiple times their frightening homophobic opinions. Venice seems quite open, so does Naples, Bologna of course, Bologna cannot be anything but open , Turin, Palermo, Bari, Florence and similar. Milan shines above all, as it is the capital of fashion and it attracts people from everywhere in the world, a big part of which is openly gay.

Yeah, the Church does influence a bit and patriarchy, as everywhere in the world , but the surprising thing is the big gap between younger generations, whose mentality is as open as that of the other Western European countries, and the older generations, whose views do change whether they come from historically open cities Rome, Milan, Naples et similia and closed countrysides. Remember that, during the 19th century, hundreds of German, English, French and American gay intellectuals found protection in Italy especially in the South , trying to find a free spot to openly live their sexuality.

Taormina, Venice and Capri were known for their libertarian social life Oscar Wilde talked about this multiple times. I am from Naples, biggest and more important city in Southern Italy. There is a prejudice around Naples and South which regards being less developed than North. That can be true economically speaking, but Naples is a true oasis for gay people since people are welcoming and warm. I have come out to everyone, have a boyfriend and we walk across the streets holding our hands.

In 1 year never been insulted for that. In the countryside it is different but I noticed that people began not caring that much anymore. Of course we have also very not-tolerating places in Italy but they are not the majority. I mainly refer to some regions such as Calabria and Veneto. You would never walk or kiss your boyfriend down the street.

I can state that because I have many gay friends living there. Italy , , Latina. Mi piace passare il tempo all'aria aperta e di scrivere poesie.

Italy Gay Personals, Italy Gay Dating Site, Italy Gay Singles | Free Online Dating

La natura mi ispira. Mi piace guardare i film sull'amore e io sogno di essere lo stesso felice come questi popoli.

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